Wednesday, January 9

a new year, a new beginning

a new year's resolution is a commitment that an individual makes to a project or the reforming of a habit, often a lifestyle change...
I have been pondering this topic for the past week.  Normally I pick out a resolution before the new year is even here.  Not this year.  This year I just could not put my finger on just one thing.  Past years it has been giving something up entirely or vowing to do more of this one activity.

Today I made time, for myself, to come up with an assortment of ideas.  Ideas to promote a lifestyle change.  Yes, a lifestyle change.  Sometimes, people think they can just change themselves for a little bit and then their life will be better.  This often does not work.  They need to change their lifestyle.  Change it by surrounding themselves with people of like-minded thoughts.  Immersing themselves in this new idea and just living to day to day.

1.  Simplify my life.  
Wherever I go, if it is bike-able, I want to bike there. 

2.  Figure out what I want to do for the REST of my life... 
This is something I struggled with the end of 2012.  Finding something you are good at and passionate about is an easy task. Finding a job where you can use your skills and what you are passionate about...well, that just gets super hard and messy to find.

 3.  Setting intentions for my day.
In Yoga, before you begin your practice, you always set an intention. An intention to focus your mind for those brief moments you are practicing yoga. I want to do this more when I wake up in the morning. 
 4.  Positivity...always. 
I want to find joy in the little things.  Sometimes I find myself surrounding myself with negative thoughts/ideas. Life is too short to dwell on the past.  I want to live in the moment and find the little things I am thankful for.  I vow to read books that promote this.  

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Rachel Farr said...

Great post! I love reading your blog. #2 is a hard one for sure. I think as long as you are happy and others can benefit from your work and passion than it is a beautiful thing! If you are passionate about something make sure to make that a priority! I will always make sure to travel, innovate, create and serve others as much as I can because that is what I love most! I am excited to see where life will take you next year on your next chapter of life! It is so exciting! xoxo Rach