Monday, January 7

a winter wonderland

Christmas Day was just lovely this past year.  Even though we had to spend the day with one less family member than usual, it still was enjoyable.  

I definitely miss the excitement I would feel the Eve of Christmas when I was a kid.  For now, this will have to do!  Waking up to my crazy brother wanting to see the gifts he got.   Watching my puppy wonder what in the world we are doing.  Seeing my sisters face when she gets something that she wanted.  Giving gifts to my mom who deserves so much.  Wishing my dad had gotten the day off, but being thankful for him being blessed to have a great job.  Just spending time with family.
 The day after Christmas we got an incredible snow storm that gave us the opportunity to have another day of "Christmas."  I love the peacefulness after a fresh snow fall.

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