Thursday, November 29

a time to be thankful

 Our Thanksgiving this year was spent at our new home!  We could finally fit my entire dad's side of the family in our home and it did not seem crowded.  Our day was filled with joy and laughter.  
It was also filled with hunting a bird.  Yes, there is a brown cardinal that pecks at our windows during the day time.  My father thinks that he can be a sniper and shoot it, but he has failed numerous times. The cardinal is still knocking on our window every morning.

On my dad's side, ping pong is a big deal.  We had a tournament and the final contestants were my brother and father.  It got serious towards the end and everyone said it was the "best" ping pong game they had seen!
 The last day I was home we got to take my Grandma to the Fashion Mall.  We decided that she needed to start caring for herself!  I think we helped her just a bit.


Trent Huckstep said...

It looks like I want to kill you when I am eating cereal.

Rachel Farr said...

I still need to come see your new house! When I am home for Christmas!!