Friday, November 9

a weekend getaway | nashville

Becca and I headed down towards nashville on Friday and it was definitely a fun road trip!  We were headed to see one of our good friends, Rachel.  It was definitely nice to getaway from Purdue for a weekend and just visit with some good friends.  Rachel was a great host and took us around to see downtown Franklin and Nashville.  We even got a tour of the hotel she works at and we were able to see her new apartment!  
The Franklin Mercantile Deli was oh so delicious and cute.  I really enjoyed my time in downtown Franklin.  It was very artsy and every shop had a uniqueness to it that caught your eye.  
We saw Rachel's hotel she worked at and everyone there was very nice!  Eventually we headed downtown to Nashville where we did a lot.  We got to see every little nook and cranny that Nashville had to offer.
And of course it would not have been a true reunion if we did not have some crazy shenanigans happen!  Rach had to use a port-a-potty because she could not wait to go to the bathroom, but they didn't have toilet paper so we had to improvise...
...with a lint roller :]


Rachel Farr said...

Hahaha! Love the ending. Great pics! Glad you guys could come visit :)

Emily Spencer said...

Ah I love the ending! Sounds like you all had a fun time!!