Thursday, January 24

the SUVs in bike culture

Cargo Bike:  a human powered vehicle designed and constructed specifically for transporting a large load.

Let me just say...a cargo bike is pretty awesome! It can do so many amazing things, and people here in the Midwest do not realize it. Let's face it, the Midwest is not very friendly toward bikers. I get yelled at, honked at, and stared at on a daily basis. People here are just not used to seeing people use bikes as a means of transportation.

Anyways, Trent and I took the cargo bike out a few days ago to just take it for a ride. [normally we use it for going to the store to get groceries]

Usually cargo biking consists of me riding on the back and Trent pedaling me! I have been getting better at using this bike [the Trek Transport], but one day I hope to get my own and use it as a way of getting everywhere!

One day I hope to get this bike...

...and do this with it.

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Rachel Farr said...

Love those last 2 pictures! Haha. I can see it now... a biker mom! Great post. Love your blog. Keep 'em coming!