Saturday, June 9

Just an Ordinary Day

So it started out just an ordinary day.  A day where we ventured out and went to the Columbus Farmers Market.  A day where anything could happen...

First off, I started a herb garden!  Yes, an herb garden.  It is in my apartment and currently it consists of Cilantro, Basil and Orange Mint.  I am so excited to start using these fresh herbs in my guac, salsa, mojitos...etc!  

Next, these coasters were adorable.  This little tent was like walking into a Pinterest store.  All DIY projects that would be found on this site.  I also purchased some new earrings that were a must.

After the Farmers Market, Trent and I headed to the bike store in downtown Columbus.  What we thought was going to be just a rim true, turned into a bike shopping trip!  Right when we were leaving I saw this Trek Transport on display.  $900!  Trent has been obsessing over this bike for quite sometime and I thought it was a deal!  Normally they retail for $1300.  Anyways, we took it for a spin and...voila!  He bought the Trek Transport!  


Meridith Robins said...

Jeremy and I need to come visit you when I'm home, this farmer's market looks amazing

Leanne said...

You MUST do it! You guys are always welcome :]