Wednesday, June 6

Bike, It's Good For You

This summer, while living in Columbus, I decided to bike everywhere I go. Guess what, I have done it! The nice thing is, Columbus is super flat and it makes for an easy ride. I still get a workout and I love the feeling after I bike to work. Yes, I bike to work. They have a shower here at the hangar, which is wonderful. I stop by fivebucks and pick up my chai in my to-go mug, put it in my origin 8 cup holder and am on my way to the hangar.

I encourage you to bike somewhere this week. You'll feel great afterwards! Sometimes, in the morning, I wake up and the last thing I want to do is bike to work. But I still do it. Perservere through my desire not to. When I get to work, I am so glad I did it. Even if there is a ten knot headwind and it is a little humid out, I still am so proud of myself. Go ahead, give it a try!

Currently, I really want one of these. I use my single speed wherever I go. Why? It has less components, I hate shifting, it's not as nice as my road bike (I don't really want to wear that down on small bike trips) and it is more fit for me to put these panniers on it!

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Lisa said...

You are an amazing young lady Leanne. I'm so proud of u mom