Tuesday, June 5

Kindle Case

Yes, I have finally completed a Pinterest project that I have wanted to do ever since I got my Kindle!  It was super easy to make and only cost me $4.01...talk about a deal.  I am so happy that I won't have to carry my Kindle around in it's ugly cardboard box that it came in.   You can find the tutorial here.  I had to make some slight modifications since I have the original Kindle and the blogger was making it for a Kindle Fire.  If you have any questions, feel free to comment!  Even Snickers seems to enjoy it as much as I do.

I look forward to completing many more DIY projects this summer, so I hope you will keep following my progress.

Side Note:  I am currently reading Mockingjay, which is the last book in The Hunger Games series.  I hope to finish it by the end of this week.


Meridith Robins said...

This is so cute :) I want to make one for my iPad! Hope you're having a great summer.

Lisa said...

Wow good job

Rachel Farr said...

This is sweet! There are so many different DIY projects I have pinned that I want to make!