Monday, October 22

a very hilly hundred

The Hilly Hundred is always so much fun.  This year we rode 57.5 miles the first day and 43 miles the second day.  Basically, we rode an even 100, unlike last year.  The scenery was just wonderful.  The first day was very cold, wet and dreary.  I did not enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the second day.  I can say that I did not walk any of the hills this year!  I am so glad that I made it up every hill.  Zach went with Trent and I this year, and I he did a great job.  He made it through both days and I think he definitely enjoyed it.

I finally captured the Hilly through pictures.  Take a look and comment on which one you think I should submit to the Hilly Hundred Photo Contest.  

 Also, I had to support my Wiley RAs while riding :]


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures!

Grandma said...

Love the pictures