Sunday, October 14

the joys of being a senior

Yes, being a senior at Purdue has been extremely rewarding!  Since I have so much extra free time, I have really enjoyed my last year here at Purdue!  Truly, I am enjoying my purdue moments one at a time.  Take a look at some of the best moments I have had so far!

Traveling has been a huge part of being a senior!  I have had the privilege of traveling to see Oliver Winery with some great friends!
I have also had the opportunity to see some of my family in Chicago.  I even got my hair done by my little cousin.  She is so talented.
Speaking of traveling.  Trent, Zach and I will be attending the 45th Hilly Hundred this coming weekend.  Right before this I will be helping my family move into a new house.  It still boggles my mind that I will never be in my old house anymore.
Being an RA has been quite an experience this year.  I have really enjoyed having more free time to make some interesting bulletin boards.
Weekends spent doing simple enjoyments are just wonderful.  Scrabble at Greyhouse.  Lunch at Lafayette Brewing Co.  Breakfast club with some amazing friends.  It has just been so wonderful.

Oh!  Take a look at there right here!  Heather Hemmeger did some amazing photos of Trent and I.  I really appreciate them and right now Trent ant I are calling them our "senior pictures [of college]."  Seriously, take a look at them.  Heather is a great photographer!

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