Monday, July 23

west coast love: seattle, washington

Ok, I just have to say that one day I will move to the west coast.  It was just absolutely breathtaking everywhere we went.  Being around mountains was magnificent.  Looking out into the horizon and seeing those huge mountains just made my day so much better!

Seattle had so much to do.  Pike Place Market kept my family pretty entertained, but we did venture out and went hiking one day at Wallace Falls.  I even got to see the Boeing factory.  Such a great experience.

Here are some pictures of what we did during our first part of our vacation (the second half of the week we travelled to Hawaii.  Post about Hawaii will come later on in the week)

First Starbucks ever!

The market was so cool.  It was kind of like an ongoing farmers market, except with flying fish!  Watch out.

I saw this and freaked!  I am pretty sure this is an artichoke in full bloom.  Correct me if I am wrong...

Our hike at Wallace Falls.  Everyone held up, but my dad wanted to go further.  We climbed a lot of the mountain and the view was wonderful the whole time.

Until next time, Seattle.  You were a lovely place to visit.  Next time I go to the west coast, I hope to go to Portland.  While being on the west coast, we met a lot of people from Portland and they said they loved it there!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed visiting this place.

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Rachel Farr said...

Looks like fun! Great pictures! Looking forward to the Hawaii post ^_^