Monday, June 11

Wonderful Tea

Tea, it is what I love.  It is what I drink when I wake up in the morning and right before I go to bed.  When you drink tea with someone, you get to enjoy a delightful conversation with them.  Share interesting stories with each other.  Tea is something that I have learned to desire from my sensational Grandma.  Go to her house and you will find tea everywhere.  In the cupboard.  In her drawer.  Even in a basket lying on the table.  We will spend hours enjoying tea and just chatting about life.  Sharing interesting thoughts.  Learning from each other.  I find it to be valuable time spent with a loving individual.  [her favorite is Vanilla Rooibos]

Chai Latte is my downfall.  I get it from Starbucks almost every day.  Try one, you might understand why I am an addict.

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