Friday, June 15


For my internship, I get to travel along on some shuttle flights.  For my first trip, I chose CHS [Charleston, SC].  Since we were going to be there all day, I thought I would make the most out of it.  Took the crew car out and ventured into downtown Charleston!  This town was gorgeous.  The architecture and atmosphere made it feel like you were taking a stroll in the early 1900s .  Carriages were everywhere.  Take a peek at what my day was filled with!

Market street was such an amazing experience!  The history behind it was very interesting.  This was where they used to buy and sell their slaves.

Stopped for lunch at a restaurant by the harbor.  Beautiful view and great food.

Maybe one day?  I hope to own this VW bus or an Airstream one day!

Like I said before, the architecture was impeccable.  The entrance to the buildings were also stunning. Every time I walked past a door, I snapped a photo.

What a wonderful way to spend six hours, right?

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Rachel Farr said...

Like your door pics. Looks like fun!