Thursday, May 17

Eating Right

Just recently (January) I have decided to exclude all meat from my diet.  I was not sure about it at first, but I told myself that it will be a great learning experience!  Turns out, it has been. 

The thing I love most about giving up meat is looking for all the other meat-less meals out there.  I am able to try so many other new foods that I would have never thought existed.  Whenever I go out, I am always shocked at the vegetarian options they have.  Some restaurants are not so good at helping out the veggie eaters, but then some are.  

Well, I guess I have a better chance at not having a heart attack anytime soon!

Above is a sandwich that I have come to love!  Wheat bread, pesto, provolone cheese, avocado and spinach leaves.  Put it all together, warm it up on the stove and enjoy this delicious treat.

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