Thursday, May 17

Home Sweet Home

As you may know, I just recently moved into a one bedroom apartment in Columbus, IN.  It is a nice apartment located by a lot of shops.  I usually bike/walk everywhere I go which is awesome!  Below are pictures of my apartment!  One of my mom's friends gave me some of her furniture.  It helps to make my apartment feel more like home.


Entrance to my bedroom.

Two closets!  The one of the left is Snicker's closet.

Just some decor!

Kitchen area.  Even though the kitchen is small, there is still plenty of room for me!

Where I watch all my movies and listen to my records!
Hope you like the look!


Rachel Farr said...

Such an awesome apartment!! I need to come visit soon :-)

EyesOnSparrow said...

Your apartment is lovely, Love your style & your blog! Enjoy having your own place! x Christie