Wednesday, August 3

Dominican Republic July 8-16 2011

Recently I went on a Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic and stayed in El Catey.  The missionaries we stayed with were Steve and Julie Dorsey.  

The weather in the Dominican was beyond humid!  We always drank water because of this heat.

The first day we got there we sorted medications that we were going to use in our medical camps.

Darby was so much fun to be around!  Her and her sister were great girls to hang out with and I just enjoyed getting to know them.

Oh my!  Franklin...what a wonderful, crazy and wild child.  He just loved being around us and climbing everywhere.  I actually just gave him my camera on most days and he just went around and took pictures for me!  It was wonderful for me because he got to shoot the way he saw the world.  

Dee.  She was such a hardworking woman and she really helped us see all the patients we did while we were on our medical camps.

 Franklin would go around to all of us on the first day while we were sorting meds and ask us "basura?" What a great help he was!

We went into town and got coke!  I don't drink pop ever...but this was amazing.  It just seemed so delicious there.

Here are some photos Franklin took!  He was not afraid to get right in their face :]

This guy on the right was just amazing!  I loved being around Chad.  He always had nothing bad to say and was such an encouragement to just live your life and have no regrets.  His story about his 13 year old son really got to me.  I am just glad he has made that tragedy not a burden in his life, but yet something he can use to let others live their life.

Everyday we drove into different towns on the back of this truck and it was so much fun to see everyone.  In the DR no one slept in.  They went to bed with the sun and rose with the sun.  I just loved how everyone was out on the streets and always communicating with others.

Most beautiful view ever!  It was like I was looking at a photograph the whole time.  Standing on the side of a cliff in Samana was just amazing.

 Gato was such a help to us in our medical camps and allowed me to use my spanish on him!  Lauren was so funny we she had him learning english.  

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