Monday, October 17

Hilly Hundred!

Yes folks, I completed the Hilly Hundred (106).

It was a wonderful experience.  On Saturday, October 15th, we rode 57 miles.  It was a beautiful ride and such a scenic area to ride in.  When they call it the "hilly hundred"  there is a reason for that.  The hills!  The first day we had 3 rest stops which were a godsend.  Without those rest stops I think I might have fallen off my bike and just curled up in a ball.

The second day, Sunday October 16th, it was SO windy!  After we climbed a hill for 2 miles and got to the top, I felt magnificent.  Riding at the top of that hill for about 30 minutes was just wonderful and so peaceful.  One might think that the Hilly would be stressful and aggravating, but not for me.  It was such a stress free week.  I felt like riding for 13 hours in 2 days was just so productive and did my body wonders.  My body thanks me for it and I encourage ANYONE to do the hilly hundred.  All ages were there and everyone enJOYed :]


Trent Huckstep said...

Hadn't seen this post yet, but I love it! Good job!

Shaun Snyder said...

There was that little kid who couldn't have been older than 7. He was a boss. I couldn't help but think where his parents were though.