Tuesday, April 19

Four Years

Wow!  Four years has been quite a long time.  It is hard to believe that almost four years ago I met my best friend, Trent!  April 29, 2007 was the time Trent asked me to be his girlfriend.  I will never forget that moment :]

 We truly enjoy our time together and getting to know one another.  We share common interests and like to have hobbies together.  He is super smart when it comes to books and like to help me out with that.  Where as I like to help him out in life :]

Basically, we enjoy each others company and look forward to what the future has to bring to us.  We try to live life day by day and take it one step at a time.  We like to "carpe diem" and not wish away our youth, because before we know it it soon will be gone.

I also just wanted to share that over spring break I went and saw my amazing cousin, Jordan Puhala, in her high school play "hairspray."  She did a magnificent job and I am so proud of her :]

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