Thursday, April 14

the WONDERFUL rebecca is a senior!

Rebecca and the "big" P!

So this past weekend Rebecca came up to visit me.  I had previously taken pictures for her senior year, but she wanted more and she liked them this time :]

Rebecca will be attending Purdue University next year (with me) and studying elementary education!

She loves that Education shirt!

Her new best friend, Neil Armstrong!

The sun was gorgeous that day and perfect for taking pictures.  

We both loved this brick wall.  The texture on it was just amazing.

Of course we had to get a picture of her Toms!  We both love Toms and the meaning behind them.  In the future we plan to get some more!  

 Rebecca is probably the nicest person you will ever meet.  She is slow to anger and always kind.  Always looking to help someone else out and putting others before herself.  Good luck in the future and can't wait for you to get to Purdue!

Of course, Trent and I could not resist getting a picture wit the lovely Neil Armstrong!


Rachel Farr said...

Becca is a senior!! Finally! Soon enough we will be back in order! Great pics. Love the first one with the big P.

Trent Huckstep said...

I love the picture of me climbing up by the statue...