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what happens in Cancun, stays in Cancun

This spring break I decided to go to Cancun, Mexico with Amanda, Stacy and Katie. We had a blast and definitely have some great memories from that trip. I know everyone says "what happens in Cancun, stays in Cancun," but I just wanted to share with everyone the stories that I can :]

just sitting in my favorite spot reading a book :]

Where to begin. Well, I traveled by myself and met the girls at the resort we were staying at. We stayed at the grand mayan palace and it was gorgeous! Everyone treated us well there and I truly had never been to a place like that, ever!

Katie and Amanda slept in this bed!

Stacy and I slept on the comfy sofas in the living room. Our room was gorgeous, but also full of cockroaches. haha. It was quite an adventure. We also spent a lot of hours calling the "housekeepers" because we were always looking for something. The language barrier was quite hard, but since I knew some spanish, it made it a little bit easier. It was really hard though when I had to call and ask for a complimentary sewing kit...that went well...not!

The first night we were in cancun we ate at Havana Moon and it was a delicious restaurant, but very expensive. This should have been our first clue as to why we had to pay so much money in Cancun!

The next day we decided to go into Playa del Carmen and head to wal-mart to buy some groceries. This wal-mart was awesome. In order to get in, you had to go up a moving platform with your cart.

The bakery was also amazing. You walked around and got to choose what types of bread or pastries you would want to eat. They had all sorts of choices and everything was dirt cheap!

The alcohol section was also just eye dropping because they had at least 10+ aisles of just alcohol and it was a party over there. They had music blaring and everyone was just so happy! Amanda and I got a bottle of wine, while stacy bought some cheap tequila that literally tasted like gasoline.

We went back to our resort and got to get some sun. We also played "tequila bingo." It was fun, but gross at the same time. The activities director, Harim, would pull your head back and pour tequila down your throat if you won. no bueno!

The second night we were in Cancun we got to watch this amazing show while enjoying an all you can eat Italian buffet. The food was delicious and the show was just stunning.

Omar and Stacy at the sweet club!

After dinner we were pretty exhausted until Stacy got a text from Omar (her friend she met from Cancun 5 years ago). She had asked him earlier what his plans were during the night and what clubs he was going to. We got this text at 10pm and he said he was going to the "sweet club" that night. We were already pretty tired and honestly just wanted to go to bed, but we also didn't want to be old grandmas and just sleep all of our spring break. So yes, you guessed it, we went out! All the way to Cancun.

Our resort was 40 minutes away from Cancun, which, depending on the taxi driver, could be a good thing or a bad thing. It cost us 400 pesos ($40) to get into Cancun. Splitting that 4 ways was not that bad. We arrived in Cancun around 11:30 pm that night and everyone was already having a good time. At first it was kind of overwhelming. We had guys coming from every direction just trying to get us to go into clubs with them.

We met four guys from North Caroline who were quite entertaining. They seemed to be not so out of their element and bought us roses!

Omar finally met us outside of the club and we went into the sweet club. We told the boys from North Carolina where we were going and to meet us in there if they could.

First time being in a club and let's just say, oh my goodness! It was awesome. Everyone was everywhere and having a great time. Omar got us a table (which is NOT easy). He had great connections and really treated us well. The servers came and served us and took care of us the whole time. The boys in the club were just annoying. All we wanted to do was hang out with each other and enjoy ourselves, not have boys grab us and snatch from every which way. Amanda got so fed up with is that she just couldn't take it anymore. We found the North Carolina boys and asked them to come and sit with us and pretend to be our "boyfriends." They were really nice and not annoying! haha, which was a plus for us. We just sat at our table the whole time and talked/danced throughout the night.

We really enjoyed this club and finally left at 3am. The taxi ride back was crazy, but still fun.

We were so tired the next day that we laid out all day and enjoyed the beautiful Cancun!

The next day we went on a party boat ride that was super cheap (only $17 each)! It was also an open bar, which was fun :]

On the party boat ride, we got to travel across the ocean to an island. While on the party boat ride we met a boy who was sitting by himself, Michele. He was super nice, but spoke no english. It was hard to communicate with him, but I think he just really enjoyed the fact that we invited him to sit with us, so that way he would not be alone.

Something that we found really funny was that we ate so much more than him. During lunch we got a huge meal and were constantly snacking throughout the day. Whenever we picked up something to eat he always pointed at us and started laughing!

This was our bartender "mario"
We also got to snorkel in the ocean which was breathtaking. The coral that we got to swim over we beautiful and full of fish! The water was blue and crystal clear.

There was a SeƱor Frogs on this island, which is a club we never go to go to!

After our party boat ride, since we were already in Cancun we did not want to drive 40 minutes back to our resort to get ready to go out that night (we were planning on going to the city club to see LMFAO in concert). We decided to pack all our stuff to get ready when we left that morning. We showered in an outside beach shower (this was soooo funny and such a great memory) and got ready outside. We all changed in the bathroom and got ready in the beaches outside restroom. Yes, I am not joking, everything was outside and exposed to the public.

The cleaning lady was outside and watched us the whole time. I asked her, in spanish, what she thought we were doing and she was laughing the whole time.

We gave all our bags to Stacy's mom (she went with us on the party boat ride and was staying in the resort right next to ours) and then we took a taxi to the hotel zone of Cancun.
We enjoyed a delicious mexican dinner in Cancun and just sat outside and relaxed for a bit! Our server was so funny and very slow. He was the only one working and didn't know how to exchange our american dollars for pesos. He told us the cashier would be back in 30 minutes and asked if we could wait. We did not care at all because we had three hours to kill since the clubs did not open up until 9 and omar was not meeting us utnil 9:30!

We walked to the clubs and waited at a starbucks for Omar to meet us. We eventually bought our LMFAO tickets and headed over to have some fun.

The place was packed and you literally could not move. The bartenders tried to get us to pay them $200 for one bottle of tequila (yes, a ridiculous amount). We finally got away from those crazy guys and enjoyed the music.

We also got a VIP pass to sit down at another club while we waited for LMFAO to come out. The bartenders here were sooo nice and kept bringing us amazing drinks. Amanda loved them, obviously.

We met this guy, from Germany who was kind of weird. We asked him if he would take a picture of the four of us together. He said, only if I can be in it! Oh and we also must "squeeze our heads together." So he had his friend take the picture as he proceeded to squeeze our head together. Oh what a gentleman!

We enjoyed LMFAO and left the club around 4am and just slept the next day. We slept in and laid out the next day!

The last night I was in Cancun we went to a club called the basic. It was an awesome club that was over the water, so it didn't get so hot in there. I loved that it was over the water because the breeze was so nice and it didn't reek of smoke!

There was a middle stage that was raised in the middle of the dance floor that all four of us went on. It was so cool to dance up there and see the club from a different angle!

I also met a stalker mexican that would just NOT leave me alone. He kept on hanging around me and wanted me to always "look into his eyes." Oh my! With the help of Katie I finally got rid of him and my night got better :] Thanks Katie!

Stacy and I at the club!

such a GREAT night and a wonderful way to end my stay at Cancun!

Cancun was by far one of the best trips I have ever gone to. I really enjoyed the fact that the drinking age was 18 there. It made life a lot easier! haha. I also loved going to the club with these three girls. They were so much fun to be around and I just loved getting to know them more. I hope, if we go anywhere next year, it will be as fun, but CHEAPER! haha.


Rachel Farr said...

Looks like so much fun! Such cool pics too. Sounds like the night life was pretty crazy!

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oh Leanne I absolutely love you!!!!!! :)