Wednesday, July 16


Lately I have been contemplating the meaning of life.  Why do we as humans do what we do?  

Get a degree. Get a good job. Get married. Get a mortgage. Move into suburbia. Have kids. Settle. Stop imagining. Stop dreaming. Accept the reality. Become like everyone else.  

I have no idea.  Why is it so hard for us to live outside of the box?  Accept the people around us choose the path less traveled?  I guess I am just trying to be a better human.  

Recently I went on a night bike ride with about sixty other indy cyclists and you could see the joy on each and every one of their faces.  It was so inspiring.  To just ride around the city and to be so happy.  This simple little activity and sense of community made us all feel as if we were apart of something.  I think that is what I have concluded.  Surrounding ourselves with people who are kind and happy really brings a sense of joy to our lives.  Even if that person next to me cycling was just a complete stranger, just looking over and seeing them smile made me feel as if I was apart of something great.  

Don't stop imagining, the day that you do is the day that you die. -Youth Lagoon

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