Tuesday, January 28

It has been awhile

Hi lovelies.  I am sorry it has been forever.

I have kind of had a major life shift recently, and I guess you could say I am still getting acquainted with it.

Working in the real world can be exhausting.  Getting used to it can be even more exhausting.

It is a new year, and I am trying to be more productive in my artistic side of life.  I have some goals that I want to accomplish during the fabulous year of 2014!

[I know it may be a little late for this, but better late than NEVER]

1. run a half marathon
2. take more professional pictures
3. set a career goal
4. go on a bike tour
5. further my pursuit of being a yoga teacher

[1] I hope to run the Geist Half Marathon this year with my best friend, Claire!  She has been such a huge encouragement for me, and I hope I can be successful in this.

[2] Photography has always been a huge passion of mine.  I hope to take a photography class sometime this year, save up for a nice new camera, and start doing some photography on the side.

[3] Right now I am currently working at an awesome bank.  I hope to further my career there and save up financially to start pursuing my passions in life.

[4] Trent and I decided to make plans on our second bicycle tour.  We are going to cycle around the Wisconsin area and even bring little Meeka along.  This will be such a great accomplishment for us, and I think Meeka will truly enjoy it.

[5] I love yoga.  Practicing yoga has been apart of my life for quite sometime now.  I don't know if being a yoga teacher is for me, but I am hoping to look further into it and try it out.

"Be gentle with yourself,  You're doing the best you can."

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