Monday, August 12

bike extravaganza: part three

Oh darling, let's be adventurers
 Elk Rapids - Petoskey - Mackinaw City

Leaving from Traverse City was not quite the best day to travel.  We had a headwind that varied from 20-30 mph.  It was raining the entire day.  It was 40 degrees and felt like 30.  Yeah, not the most ideal weather for a 60 mile bike ride to Charlevoix.  

That was our original goal.  As you can see we only made it to Elk Rapids which was perfectly fine.  We definitely did not plan for this kind of weather so we needed to find warmth because our feet felt like they were going to fall off!

Our stop in Elk Rapids was so awesome.  We were expecting a tiny town, but the main strip was so cute.  We met some great people in this town and even saw a LOT of USBR 35 signs which made us super happy.  

After resting up from a long day we headed out the next morning to Petoskey.  Again, a HUGE headwind and it was very cold.  The ride was not the best.  We also had to ride next to US 31 which made it not very scenic. 

Once we arrived in Charlevoix we were so cold that we practically bought a whole new wardrobe.  [sweatshirt for trent and pants for both of us]

 Petoskey/Harbor Springs area is just so gorgeous.  I loved visiting that part of Michigan.  A friend of ours told us to try a brewery called "Beards Brewery" and their serving trays for taste tasting were so cute.
Traveling from Petoskey to Mackinaw City was so much fun!  We got to ride in the tunnel of trees and we saw so many cyclists that day.  We even biked with some of them for miles.  Stopping by The Legs Inn was a must too.
 The ride that day was just gorgeous.  Very, very long, but so worth it.  Could not have asked for a more perfect day.
 Once we made it to Mackinaw City we just settled into our tent and got to know our neighbors.  The weekend we arrived happened to be Memorial Day weekend.  We were so used to showing up at campsites and NO ONE being there.  It was so nice to have some company next to our tents.  
 This dog, Rex, was so sweet and stayed right next to us by our tent in Mackinaw City.  

Stay tuned for my last post about packing our bikes up and taking a bus all the way to Kalamazoo, MI.  Boy, was that an experience!

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Rachel Farr said...

Loved reading this and looking at your pictures. That's so awesome that you biked all the way up there!