Monday, September 17

a visit to my grandma's house

It is always full of comfort and fear.  I mean, look there are usually spider webs in the most random of places.

She lives in a home that is very large and very old!  I love her home.  It is full of memories that I will never forget.  She likes to collect antiques and they are scattered throughout the house.  Everything in her home means something to her.  [another reason why I adore visiting her.  all you have to do is ask her what that is and a story pops into her head!]

Even though I get scared at night, I still love this house a lot.  It is tucked away in a neighborhood behind the train station.  The train goes by a lot.  It is just something you have to get used to.  Every house in her neighborhood has character and was built in the late 1800s or early 1900s.  I love just wandering the streets and observing the differences between each home.

She loves to play scrabble and she is very good at it.  However, she was off her game the day we visited her because trent won!

The best part about the town she lives in is that there is always something going on!  It is a very young town and this weekend they were having their celebration of Oktoberfest!

Oh!  And she had a horrible case of the fruit flies at her house.  We decided to pop open a bottle of wine and they were all over it!  We had to cover our wine with napkins.  Such a wonderful way to drink wine.

Thank you for a lovely weekend, Grandma!

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Rachel Farr said...

Looks like so much fun!! I will never forget my visit to grandma Barbara's!