Sunday, July 1


Yoga is something that I love to practice in my free time.  I prefer to practice it in a classroom setting.  I like to feel like I am practicing it as a unit with others.  It makes me feel apart of something.  
I like the physical part, but I'm also drawn to the spiritual.  For me, yoga is not just a workout - it's about working on yourself.  ~Mary Glover
I have been practicing yoga for three plus years now.  It soothes my mind.  Keeps me going.  Relieves unnecessary stress.  A calm mind and breathing is key while practicing yoga.  A lot of people, when they start yoga, don't know how to breathe correctly.  It is like they have entered the room and forget how to actually breathe.  I remember when I first went to a yoga class.  The instructor stressed breathing correctly.  She would always say "inhale" and "exhale."  At first I was super annoyed.  I was trying to just relax and stretch into the pose, but she kept bringing my focus back to my breath.  I focused too much on the physical state of my body, but forgot the most important part of yoga.  It is to breath into the stretch, pose, stance etc...After a few weeks of frustrating myself with trying to get better at the poses, I decided to focus my mind on my breath.  Once I did this, yoga made sense to me.

Yoga has taught me patience.  We as a society need to spend time with ourselves.  Rather that be a little walk outside with no distractions.  A quiet moment at the breakfast table before starting the day.  A yoga set to clear the mind at the end of the day.  Just spend sometime with yourself and explore who you are.  After all, if you forget who you really are, then how are YOU going to live YOUR life?


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