Tuesday, June 19

Weekend Venture

Snickers and I headed home for the weekend.  She was not very excited to go home and visit with her best friend, Branson.  She is definitely loving my apartment in Columbus and I am sure she will miss it dearly when I have to head back up to Purdue!

 Before I left for home, I took a trip for my internship.  We traveled to Charleston, SC.  Check out my blog post about it!

While in Charleston, I found a Forever 21.  Yes, I love that store.  Of course I had to look around.  While browsing, I found this cute ring that I had to have!

While home, my mom and I biked to the Farmer's Market in Carmel.  It was a nice ride.  We decided to head over to Egg Shell (a new place in downtown Carmel) with Trent.  It was decorated very nicely, but had words on the menu that I could not pronounce!  Needless to say, I was very confused. 

Saturday night, some of us went to Champps and enjoyed some live music.  The band played some great songs.  A mix of The Beatles, Mumford, The Doors and more!  Such a relaxing and wonderful night.

Sad to say goodbye to this cutie.  I sure do miss him.  Hope you had a weekend filled with love and joy!

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Rachel Farr said...

Love all your pics. Instagram is sweet.