Saturday, May 12

All At Once

Overwhelmed.  That is how I feel right now.  I have moved into my new apartment and finally got everything where I want it to be!  It is quite cozy and I look forward to creating wonderful memories in that little space.  [pictures to come]

It is weird moving to a place that you know nothing about.  When I moved to Purdue, at least I had something in common with 10,000 some other people, they were all looking for friends.  Moving into Columbus has definitely been different.  It is just me and my cat, Snickers!  I don't have the comfort of walking down my hallway and knowing that there was another freshmen next door to me seeking some type of human interaction.  Instead, I have to seek for this interaction.  I cannot wait for my internship to start, because this will make it easier for me to make friends and have that human interaction.  

At least I have my cat and my awesome friends!  Uh-merica visited me last night and it was lovely!  We watched movies and even went out to dinner.  I love my ginger friend :]  Also, I would die without my single speed!  I love this bike and love riding it around Columbus.  I am glad this part of Southern Indiana is not too hilly.  After doing the Hilly Hundred, I was worried this place would have some brutal hills.  Turns out it is super flat and makes it easier for biking on my single speed.

Life is wonderful currently,  the cable guy is coming to my apartment soon to finally hook up my internet.  Yes, I have been internet-less for about three days now.  Do you know how hard it has been not being able to read blogs left and right...super hard!  Oh well, I have been able to watch a lot of movies.  My favorite was "Adam."  I loved the meaning behind the movie and enjoyed it a lot.  I'll post pictures as soon as I can.

On a side note:  I scratched my kindle...bleh.

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