Monday, April 2

Life Goes by so Fast!

My Grandma is a wonderful woman who has been through a lot.
I am so very proud of her and I hope she know that her family loves her very much!

This past weekend my family lost two members.  My Great Gram passed away at 93+ years of life.  She lived a long life and I will miss having her around.  I am so thankful that she no longer has to suffer here on this earth.  It was so painful to visit her at the nursing home in West Chicago.  There is something about nursing homes that saddens me.  It is like a place for the elderly to just wait for God to take them.  It scares me.  Anyways, we also lost my Mom's Dad to Cancer.  I only met him a few times, but it was still sad to see someone who was relatively young pass away.  This weekend was a great time for my family and I to get together and remember those who passed.  

These were some of my last bulletin boards and I love them very much.  The top one is all about Toms Shoes!!!  I love this company and like to wear my Toms whenever I get the chance.  A lot of people tell me how cute the shoes are and it is an opportunity for me to share what Toms is and how awesome they are!  Just today I told a lady I work with what they stand for and she was so interested. 

The bottom board is all about cycling!  One of my many passions/hobbies.  I loved making this board and hope my residents enjoy it as well :]

Also, I started to read Catching Fire on Trent's Kindle and I loved it so much that I finally gave in and bought a Kindle!  Call me crazy, but I am so stoked for it to arrive!

Have a great week and never let life pass you by.  Enjoy every moment and never take life for granted.

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