Friday, February 24

Vintage Kick

Lately, meaning for a couple years now, I have been wanting only vintage things.  I think it is apart of me, just wanting to not forget about the past and enjoy all that has made today, today!  Currently I have a 60's record player that my grandma gave to me [and I enjoy it a lot], an old sewing machine that I adore a lot right now and I also have a vintage picture player that was made in the 50s.  Those are my two biggest collections right now. 

In the future I hope to get these few finds: vintage suitcase, typewriter and other knick knacks!
Via: Etsy

Via: Pinterest

I love this obsession that I have and find joy in finding those little things that one person may have seen as junk.  I don't know how long my "kick" will last, but I am pretty sure I will always love vintage.  Like my parents say, "I was born in the wrong era!"

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