Tuesday, January 11


It's the MOST wonderful time of the year!

What a great winter break we had. We got to go to Chicago for almost a week and visit family for Christmas. It was such a treat to see the whole Siena family again. We stayed with my Grandma Barbara and we brought Branson with! Poor thing was smushed in the back with all the christmas presents. Izzy decided to give him a scar on his nose, which actually looks quite nice on him, so thank you izzy :]

This was the back of our car and yes Branson had to sit in that little area. Whenever we would stop he would climb up by us kids and sit on our laps since he hated it back there. Let's just say a 100+ lb dog sitting on your while you are already squished is not fun!

My family is very funny when it comes to games. We decided to play pictionary and it was the adutls vs. the kids. Let's just say it was very interesting and ended in a screaming match between the two teams. We did find out though that Craigy is the BEST drawer ever!
We also got to visit our 92 year old great gram Ruth Twait. She was so funny. We got her a "fancy" blanket that she loved. We also played Farkle which is her favorite game to play! Another exciting thing is we almost got ousted from the nursing home because we were being too loud when we were gambling. haha.
My family is cool. We like to have dance parties at holiday events.
We like to puff our lips out since we know we don't have big lips :[

I finally got my espresso machine from my mama!!! I can steam milk now and make my yummy chais! I also can put the delicious whip cream on top because Trent got me a whip cream maker!!!
All in all, Christmas was awesome. I was shwasted the whole time (from all the wine (but actually I wasn't...this picture just makes me look like i am)).
I got to see EVERYONE in my family!!!
What a wonderful week spent with a family who truly cares about each other. I love them all and am so blessed to have them :]

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