Tuesday, January 11

soaking up some sun


Our family decided to take a mini vacation to San Juan, Puerto rico. Above is an aerial photo of the hotel we stayed, Caribe Hilton. This was such a WONDERFUL experience for my family and we all enjoyed this place very much!

The cool thing was in Puerto Rico they know how to celebrate a holiday! In america we have christmas and then the holiday is over, but here they celebrate many holidays after christmas. The day we visited they were celebrating Día de Reyes (Three Kings Day). It was really cool to see what they did for this holiday. they had lights up EVERYWHERE and were popping firecrackers throughout the night.
Puerto Rico has a lot of corona beer :]

The hammocks were just amazing. At night my sister and I would lay on the hammocks and swing on them. We had a lot of fun with them. Also, the yoga class that I went to was right by the hammocks on the san, which was conveniently right next to the beach! That was such a relaxing experience :]

They also had this HUGE chess board that we played. My dad loves to play chess with us, so when we saw this it was a tremendous treat. I helped justin and my dad out while they were playing against each other. Justin won!

OH! Of course San Juan had to have a fivebucks! they had them everywhere just like in the USA, so I was happy to see that. I loved enjoying a cold Chai Creme frappuccino while reading my book Salem Falls right next to the beach!

Another cool thing was that the drinking age there is 18! I bought my first alcoholic drink, a dragon berry mojito

All in all, this will be a vacation I will never forget. I loved going with my family and spending a lot of time with them. I think we all really enjoyed it!

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