Monday, October 4



[per-doo, -dyoo, per-]

(noun): A place to learn, meet new people, and make you stress like crazy!
Don't get me wrong. I LOVE going to PURDUE and learning new things. Going out on weekends and just forgetting your last week of classes. Studying for hours upon hours for an exam that you know you are still not going to do well on. Then getting your exam grade back the next day and realizing all those hours of studying actually paid off! Meeting new people and getting to know them over the four years you are here.
i absolutely LOVE being here and learning things like this in an 8:30 AM aircraft power plants class!

"I'm trying to get you out of the Mcdonalds world. Instead of saying give me a number five I want you to build your own damn sandwich!" -Denver Lopp
Purdue allows me to:

Get my Private Pilot's Certificate

Receive packages from friends and family

Decorate my very own room! (since me and my lovely sister share one)
Participate and EVEN ORGANiZE community service events that help raise awareness and help those in need :]
Go to football games and see crazyyy people in the stands!

Let's me get to know others and carve awesome pumpkins with friends!
Witness funny things and get to know really cool RAs (hope to be one next year!)
Longboard on those days when you just need to escape the world
(i am slowly getting better)
Hang out with awesome friends on the weekends and just relax!

come home to an awesome surprise from an amazing boy in my life :]
Lets me get away from my family for a bit!
makes me serve food to other fellow purdue students and makes me hate the Earhart dining court food because i ate it too much! (so glad i am not working there anymore)

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