Monday, September 13

miss you

YES! i miss you...
I miss my babies whom i love with all my heart! We have been together for 7+ years now and i couldn't ask for a better dog. I remember when you were a puppy and I used to sleep next to you EVERY night because i didn't want to leave you. When henry came to visit me at school i remembered you, how small and lovable you were!

I miss my wonderful family where there is never a dull moment. We all are pretty different, but that is a good thing because if we were all the same then we most likely wouldn't get along. I feel like i am missing out on their lives, but i guess that is part of growing up.

I miss going to school when i was little. Worrying about whether or not the food was going to be good that day, if you were going to go outside for recess that day and play on the swing set. I love where i am at now, but am thankful for the GREAT childhood i had!

I miss being goofy with my friends. High school was a fun time to just hang out and goof off during passing period. I loved passing notes in between classes and catching up with friends.

I miss you summer. We had a grand old time this year. I saw soooo many places (providence, RI, Minneapolis, Chicago, west lafayette) it was just a busy summer and i miss it. I miss being at home taking LONG bike rides with my father. PLaying outside in the sun just twirling a towel!

I miss you Boquete, Panama. I loved submerging myself in a different culture and learning a new way of life. Sometimes i wish i could revisit that week in my life. Great friends, great memories and great lessons. Thanks Matt Farr for being my best friend on that trip...oh and you too emilia! haha

I miss you flying. I love being able to go up in an airplane and see the whole makes it seem like the world is so much smaller from up there...but then again it makes it seem so much bigger too.

I miss a lot of things while i am away at college, but i know that in the end it will all pay off when i become a PiLOT! oh how i cannot wait for that day...jk (air traffic controller)
I miss the 11 AM howlingfest :[

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