Sunday, August 29

a random trip to CHiCAGO

Me, Ashley and Rebecca decided to make a last minute planned trip to chicago to see some of my family and just to go downtown and explore. We met up with my wonderful Grandma Barbara who let us stay at her house and even planned some of the things we would do that day.

First, we decided to take the train to chicago. My grandma lives in the suburbs of Chicago, 4.3 miles away from downtown, but with all the traffic and toll roads it is about a 45 minute drive into the city. The train only costs around 5 dollars for round trips so we thought it would be fun to take and cheaper too. It only took us about 20 minutes to get into downtown via train.

As we were walking towards millennium park I saw this sign and realized it was happening right then and there. I was sooooo happy to find this out because I LOVE airplanes and knew the blue angels would be there!

Of course we had to visit the bean at millennium park. It was a a nice day out and great for picture taking (which I was very thankful for). There were a lot of kids playing in the water at the park so me and rebecca decided to take our shoes off and enjoy some refreshing water on our feet!

We were told that in downtown Chicago there was a HUGE XXI store so of course we had to find it! My Grandma Barbara looked for it online the night before we went to chicago and when we were walking down the big shopping street we eventually found it and my oh my was it HUGE. All 3 of us were overwhelmed at how big the store was. It was 3 stories with a lot of different shops such as XXI forever, For Love 21, Forever 21, Faith 21 and so on and so forth. Needless to say we spent a lot of time in that store and probably too much money!!! but it was a GREAT time and we all 3 enjoyed it.

The skyline of Chicago is so gorgeous. It is the most photographed skyline in the world (according to my Grandma). Even if it isn't true it is still the most gorgeous skyline that I have ever seen and goes on for miles when you are by lake michigan.

The air show was fabulous and a lot of people came out to North Beach to watch the blue angels and other aircraft fly around. My favorite part was the blue angels. The flew so low to the ground it was remarkable. They even went in between skyscrapers which blew my mind! One time they went right by the ferris wheel that is on Navy Pier!

Here is a close up of the Blue Angels flying overhead of us. This just goes to show how close they were to the ground because the lens I used that day was only a 18 - 50 mm lens.

This was an amazing trip that I will never forget. I went a lot of places this summer 2010 and this trip was one of the most memorable :]

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