Tuesday, June 4

we made it!

"Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and focus on what could go right."
Yes, we did make it.  We only spent two weeks out on the road, but it was a great two weeks.  We had to end our trip on Mackinac Island, MI.  It was pretty close to Canada, but not quite there.  We ended early for numerous of reasons...

Our good friend, Giuliana, was having her wedding June first.
Camping was A LOT more expensive than we originally planned.
We missed home and really wanted to see all of our friends :]

Enjoy some of the pictures from our trip.  I will post periodically about our trip over the next two weeks.
Yes, our bikes were pretty loaded...
We had to plan our trip during our trip.  It was pretty hectic at times, but we sure did do a good job planning while in the moment!

 Some days we rode 24 miles
Some days we rode 50 miles
Some days we rode 80 miles

Well, one day was pretty brutal and we had to climb some huge hills.  It was a gorgeous ride that day, but super super long.
The sunsets we saw were just gorgeous.
 We got to enjoy some really great food!
 For those wondering...we did see a lot of [fake] bears!

ANDDDD we made it!  We rode 504 miles in 10 days.  Thank you everyone who helped us along the way.  I will be updating about the trip periodically the next two weeks.  Please check back.  

Cities traveled to:
South Bend - Bridgman - South Haven - Holland - Montague - Manistee Frankfort - Traverse City - Elk Rapids - Petoskey - Mackinaw City

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