Tuesday, September 4

let's plan a bike trip: inspiration

In order to get pumped or excited about riding 1500+ miles, you have to have some inspiration.

One way to get this inspiration is to tell your friends what you are doing.  They will ask you if you are crazy.  Why would you want to ride that many miles?  Are you sure you want to do this?  You just have to look at them and smile.  Tell them that this will be an experience of a lifetime.  An experience that you will never forget.

Lately, Trent and I have been watching vimeos online.  They are mostly touring trips where one or more people decide to do a crazy trip.  Such as bike across New Zealand [which is apparently the place to do a bike tour] or travel coast to coast in Canada.  These vimeos have given me hope.  Hope that this trip will help me see life from a different perspective.  Allow me to be inspired to be a better person and to be thankful for the simplicities of life.

Definitely want to find this in Michigan! [Port Austin, Michigan]

For the duration of the trip I am sure I will have mixed emotions.  Emotions that will fall under the category of happiness or tiredness.  We shall see when the trip rolls around, but right now I am still so excited to begin such a crazy adventure!  An adventure that is eight months away, but I am still stoked about...

side note: A staple for bike touring is to have a brooks saddle.  This will be my first bike purchase for the trip.  When you are riding so many miles, you don't want your butt to be super sore the whole time! A brooks saddle has been made since 1866.

The fundamental design of a Brooks saddle is a leather top stretched between a metal "cantle plate" at the rear and a nose piece, to which it is attached with steel or copper rivets. Using a threaded bolt, the nose piece can be moved forward independently of the rails, tensioning the leather. It is important not to over-tension the leather or it may tear, especially at the rivets. After a certain number of miles the saddle visibly molds itself to the rider!  This just makes for a comfier ride :]

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