Tuesday, August 21

last first day of school

I guess time does really fly by fast.  I started my last first day of school yesterday.  Well, it will be my last as long as I don't go to grad school or something of that sort, which most likely will not happen!

It was a bittersweet moment.  A moment when I realized my time at Purdue is coming to an end.  I will have to start doing big girl things.  Relying on my parents is now something that will not always be acceptable.  I will have to make my own decisions for my life.  Decisions that will stay with me.  It was also a moment when I realized that my life is just beginning!  MY life that I get be the director for.  I will be on my own in the real world and I get to make choices.  Choices about where I want to live in the world.  Purdue was wonderful, but it was like being in a "buffer world" where you have guidance and counselors telling you what classes to take.  You have parents telling you what they want you to do in the future.  For some reason I just think that after I graduate I will have more of a say in what I do.  At least, that is my perceived perception.

We never really learn how to grow up;
we only learn how to act in public.

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