Monday, June 25

Weekend Venture

It all started with a lovely concert outside at Cool Creek!  The Endless Summer Band played many genres of music and it was so relaxing to just sit and watch a great show!

Later Friday night, Rach and I headed to Broadripple for some fun. 

Saturday was full of joy with a Baby Shower and a Wedding to attend.  The wedding was beautiful.

Of course I had to go to Uptown with my dad.  It was enjoyable.  We rode the motorcycle to Noblesville and I really enjoyed their food!  Wish there was one in Columbus.

This week I get to go to Dallas to see the new airplane Cummins is getting.  I get to spend two nights down there!  I am stoked to see Texas.  Never been.

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Rachel Farr said...

So glad we got to go out together! So fun!! Have fun in Texas this week. Bring back a cowboy for me.