Monday, March 19

Diez Pesos, Almost Free!

This Spring Break I was able to go back to Cancun, Mexico with Stacy and we brought our boyfriends along with us this time.  It was a beautiful and relaxing break that I will remember forever.  So many great times, laughs, beautiful landscapes and a perfect white sand beach!

This year we stayed at Casa Maya, which is in the Hotel Zone.  It was a wonderful choice because it was close to everything and it had a lot of beach!

Pretty much everyday we sat on this beach and just read books!  I was able to read three of the books I brought and thoroughly enjoyed them!

This was my favorite book of the 3 I read.

The food in Mexico was delicious!  

Our tour guide, Simon, was an excellent guy with lost of facts to tell us during our 13 hour tour to Chichen Itza.

The first stop we made was to a cavern called Cenot Hubiku!

Trent and I went swimming in the freezing cold water and it was so refreshing.

Our tour guide and group right by Chichen Itza.  I kind of ventured off the whole time while our tour guide talked for 2 hours!

 Afterwards we went to Mocambo (seafood restaurant by the sea) and got free drinks!

Another day we took a ferry over to Isla Mujeres and ventured around this beautiful island!

We rented a golf cart for the day and it was an excellent decision.

 This trip was so relaxing and I really enjoyed my time in Mexico!

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