Monday, January 23

Enjoying Weekends

This weekend was spent with friends and I truly enjoyed it.  Coming back from Puerto Rico was difficult not only because was it cold here in Indiana, but I had to catch up on a lot of missed classes.  The weekend was a great time to just catch up on me and enjoy life.

Friday, Trent and I went out to dinner at Hisei and ate on the floor!  Headed over to campus house afterwards to enjoy a hilarious show, Mr. Pharmacy, where Michael Kim won crowd favorite!  Afterwards, Stacy, Katie, Trent, Huy and I enjoyed a wine night at Katie's apartment!  It was super fun and we just got to let go and enjoy the night.  That morning I saw a cute snow bear that someone had made!  The next day was a lazy day where Trent and I made Ginger Molasses cookies for a Chinese New Year dinner that we were going to that night.  The dinner was delicious and I tried Vodka infused Gummy Bears for the first time.  Later that night I just hung out with the RAs until around 2 AM and we just talked about life and enjoyed time together.  On Sunday I go to see RAIN:  A Tribute to the Beatles, which was an amazing treat!  Definitely felt like we were experiencing that era with all the other old folks around us :]

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