Wednesday, July 14

This is Me! I love my family and will cherish them always! I also love animals. Above is a picture of my dog whom i ADORE. he is my babies as i refer to him.

If you ever see me with a starbucks drink then you know that I am in a GREAT mood. I just love their drinks and they just feel me up with this warm and fuzzy feeling that just makes me soooo happy!

Ah! My parents are great! They love each other very much and show it all the time. I am so happy that I got them as parents. My dad is the BEST dad ever who is always wanting to do stuff with us. Also, my mom does a lot for us and always prepares the best HOMEMADE meals :]

My sister is the best sister I could ever ask for. She is so kind and compassionate to others. I love being around her and just talking to her. She is so much fun and knows how to have a GREAT time :]

Oh boy, you gotta love brothers. Justin is such a SWEETHEART. He always wants to be hugged and is always wanting to do stuff with me. Of course he has his moments, but hey! we all do don't we. He is a cute kid and i love having him as my brother.

Both sides of my family are great! I love to hang around them and to ket to know all of them. We all get a long and just enjoy our time together!

This boy up here is amazing. He is a wonderful young man who is my best friend and someone I will surely never forget! I love him a lot and learn something new from him everyday.

Below is a picture of my lovely grandmother. She is an amazing person with such courage. She has been through a lot this past year and I admire her ability to still live her life with what she has been through. She is a great role model to look up to!

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