Sunday, July 25


Today I got to fly a Cirrus SR22 for 3.8 hours for free! Thanks to my friend, Daniel Cheung. It was amazing! What a wonderful experience :]

Something I keep coming back to in life is this phrase that I just recently heard.
"Everyone you meet is better than you at something. Remember that."

These are my kids for the summer. All summer I have been nannying for the Jones family (Andrew and Rachel). They are GREAT kids and I really have enjoyed it. They have taught me so much over the summer and it has just overall been a wonderful experience. I just recently realized though that my time with them is coming to an end very soon :[ This will be my last full week of watching them. One thing that they have reminded me of is that phrase that I keep coming back to. "Everyone you meet is better than you at something." They have taught me valuable lessons over the summer and I really appreciate that.

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